Latest Update Broke App on iOS 12.5.7

Steps to reproduce

When opening the app on older devices on iOS 12.5.7 (older devices cannot upgrade iOS version - I am on an iPad mini 2).

Expected result

I expect the app to load, caching to occur, and then the app to open to my notes.

Actual result

The obsidian logo appears, and then the screen is black and unresponsive.


  • Operating system: iOS 12.5.7
  • Debug info:

Additional information

does it happen in a brand new vault too?

I’m seeing the same issue on w/ iPhone SE (Gen 1) on iOS 13.3.
Unfortunately, I didn’t save a copy of the old .ipa :frowning:

Obsidian logo followed by blank screen, no way to access any menus, content, etc.

Is there any regression testing performed on older iOS versions? As OP mentioned, many older devices cannot be updated to newer iOS versions and delegating an older device for simple tasks like note-taking with Obsidian makes sense.

I cannot check if it happens on a new vault because I can’t change the vault or create a new one. After the logo there is no operability whatsoever.

My guess is that something with Canvas requires something in the newer iOS versions. I’d be willing to live without Canvas if I could keep using Obsidian on my iPad. But the Canvas thing is just a guess.

I just used my desktop to create a new vault in my iCloud Drive and can see the folder on my iPad, but the app still opens to a black, inoperable screen. Tried forceclosing the app, restarting the iPad and reopening app, but the experience is the same - logo and then nothing.

iOS - Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.2, this week’s updated version of Obsidian, crashes on start-up.

Starting up - Obsidian logo/welcome page, then BLACK screen, nothing else.

Restarting, Re-installing - did not solve the problem.

Is there a way I can re-install the previous version?
Where can we download the IPA file for the previous iOS Obsidian?


The same prolbem.

iOS v.12.4.1, iPhoneSE first edition.

Please, give a solution as soon as possible, need my notes back on iPhone.

Found the same topic in Mobile:

@Obsidology What version of iOS are you using?

The AppStore recommends iOS 12.1 or later for the current Obsidian version 1.4.2.

Current iOS - v12.3.1 - cannot upgrade past iOS-12 on my current classic phone.

Bug: API not correctly implemented - classic version of iOS?

will be fixed in v1.4.3

Excellent. Thanks.

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