Last written words are lost if app is closed quickly on mobile

Use case or problem

This request was originally proposed in the Chinese forum, here.

Some users have a habit of completely closing the app after editing or pasting content into their notes. Since Obsidian performs a debounced save 2 seconds after detecting a change, the content may not be saved as expected if users close their apps too swiftly. This behavior has been observed on both Android and iOS platforms.

Proposed solution

Switching from the current 2-second debounced save to an instant save could help, but it might also cause significant performance issues. Could we listen to the “app termination” event to save the active notes and execute any planned storage events in advance?

I understand that users can adapt their habits to keep the app running in the background rather than terminating it. However, in mobile use cases, quick note-taking is quite common. The ideal workflow would be somewhat similar to iOS Notes and Reminders. As reported in the original post, other note-taking apps like SiYuan, markor and Zettel Notes have no issues with quick shutdowns.

I believe that making changes in this area will enhance the user experience on mobile devices, assisting users in gathering information and taking quick notes. This will also help Obsidian get more integrated into users’ workflows. Any feedback or action on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks. This was done on desktop already.

Looking forward to the mobile implements!

Also thanks for correctly categorizing and clarifying this post.

will be fixed 1.5.9

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