Larger text size for some text in a paragraph?

We can make headers with larger text size by adding a preceding “#”, but how to make larger text size for some text in a paragraph?

Thanks for any kinds of help?

You can try this:

Vintage clothes <span style="font-size:25px">sold</span> here!

Screenshot 2023-05-24 at 17.26.19

Not pretty to write but gets the job done!

Thanks ariehen for your info.

hope that there will be better way to do in the future.

If you are using something like this often, I’d consider using the simple, but super useful plugin GitHub - manic/obsidian-wrap-with-shortcuts: Wrap selected text in custom tags with shortcuts..


I would also use a CSS span class for this. If you have 26px in multiple places, it’s much easier to change the CSS in one spot than to change all the places you’ve written it.

In your note, for example, you’d have :

I feel <span class="twenty-six">great!</span>

and the CSS it refers to could be:

.twenty-six {