Larger display area for notes

Hi all,

Suspect I’m missing something very obvious here but some searching through the forums didn’t reveal any useful info so I’m reaching out.

I’ve found several situations where creating tables in Obsidian results in text that is much wider than the viewing area allowed for a note. This is a little frustrating as there are often very wide black borders around my text due to the way Obsidian forces a fixed width.

Was wondering if there is anything I can do in my stylesheet or other approach to allow for a more optimal use of the visible note area.

It may be that this is a combination of a bug in the table plugin and a general behavior in Obsidian. One note I’m looking at right now only shows the first column of a three column table until I use the scrollbar at the bottom of the page to scroll everything to the right.

Thanks for your input.

Do you have “Readable line length” enabled, in Options > Editor?


Bingo, ampa get the stuffed teddy bear.

Thank you Ampa. So many options in Obsidian it is easy to miss something so simple. That has improved the readability significantly.


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