Lag with Google Drive - Don't use if you hate lag :)

I thought I would post this here for the next person.

I’ve been having some lad in obsidian. Not always the same file, happening randomly. It could take a note 2-5 seconds to open.

I chatted in discord:

After disabling a LOT of things (you can read the whole chat in discord), we finally figured out the issue was google drive. Even having drive in offline mode (ie, files are on the computer, not streaming every time) it was causing issues.

The solution to my Lag problems was to not use google drive for storing/syncing obsidian.

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Thanks. I’m using Google drive and I noticed lag today. Will investigate.

I haven’t found a lag in using Obsidian with Google Drive files, but certainly when opening up Obsidian. I thought that was normal.

I didn’t notice it at first, but if I would switch notes quickly, by the 5th to 10th note, I would get lag.

I should also note that this using googles “streaming” drive product, as opposed to their older “sync” product. (here is some random article I found showing some differences: » Google Drive File Stream Vs Google Drive)

Maybe the “backup and sync” version (which I thought they got rid of) would function more like onedrive.

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