Lag When Using Obsidian on Windows 10

I use Obsidian between my Chromebook and my Windows 10 PC, but for the past couple weeks now my PC has been having a lot of issues with lag when typing, opening settings or files, and creating folders or files.

Obsidian is in safe mode and I don’t have any themes or community plugins, I also don’t have translucency enabled. There doesn’t seem to be any spikes in CPU. So far I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Obsidian and that’s the only solution I could find that applies to me.

I did find a post on Reddit where a lot of people were reporting lag a month ago which lines up to when I started experiencing it (no solutions were given rip), so I’m wondering now if it could be an issue with an update?

PC Specs if needed:
AMD FX™-4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.60 GHz
24.0 GB RAM
AMD Radeon HD 6450
Vault is on a 16GB Flash Drive

That is a very old computer.

I bought it pre-built and I’m still in the process of upgrading it. The Processor and the GPU are the next to go but it’s expensive.

I suspect this could be a significant portion of the lag. Flash drives aren’t usually optimized for frequent random writes, which Obsidian does a lot. I’d recommend you try putting a copy of your vault on your SSD and see if that improves performance noticably.

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I agree this can be another culprit.

Oh nice, it looks like that did it, thank you!

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