Lag decreased after downsize vault

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

obsidan 0.11.5
win 10
cpu: E3-1203 v3

Vaut: 50K+, 5GB, 50% is resources with pics and pdf

Senario: when rename/remove a note, freeze up about 15"seconds and then I can resume editing.

The cause I thought at firt maybe the name of notes imported from evernote—I have no habit of naming a note, plus lots of notes just with pdf embeded. When I import with yarle , lots of notes with quite a lots of symbols and some notes name length exceeded 255.

So, I shorted the long name; and then I try to repalce the illegal symbol in note name using total commander.

But it still freeze

So, I tried to down size my vault, which means instead of using just one vault, I’m using three vaults now

Apprantely the time it freeze decreased.

For vault with just 5k+ , no freeze
For vault with 20k+, 2GB, I can fell the lag but it’s ok
For vault with 28k+, 2,8GB, the lag is at 5" or so.

BUT I AM NOT ASSURED it’s because the size of vault or the structures/name of my notes/resourses.

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Is there any way to get some information about this?

If is it because of the vault size then I would be very concerned about investing time into Obsidian to create a big PKM database.

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if you are just setting up a new vault, I don’t think you will have the same problem