Lack of storage space and disappearing content

I managed to find an earlier version. However, the thumbnail does not have the “MD” caption as can be seen on this screenshot.

If you look at the information, you can see that there are 0 bytes. The document is empty. However, on the thumbnail we can see that there is text.

Bug obsidian 9
Bug obstian 10

Hi, here’s the famous file whose contents are no longer available. How would you go about restoring it? The note is empty (0 bytes), but the thumbnail still shows some cute text (see screenshot).

Please stop creating new topics for the same issue. Context is important here for anyone trying to help or giving suggestions.


Is it possible it is set to online-only in iCloud? Maybe it is not fully downloaded.

If you copy the file(s) to a local location that is outside of iCloud, does that content become available?

Otherwise, I have no clue.

Ah, that’s a good idea, I hadn’t thought of that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Thanks for your suggestion.