Kusto (KQL) support is in prismjs but not in Obsidian

Use case or problem

Prismjs must be outdated as no support for Kusto (KQL)

Proposed solution

Update prismjs to a version that supports Kusto (KQL). Kusto was supported in prismjs for code blocks from around September 2021, so we simply need an updated version pushed to Obsidian, I believe. This is key for anyone working with this, which is likely a whole host of people using Microsoft security tooling such as Microsoft Defender or Sentinel.

Current workaround (optional)


Related feature requests (optional)


Perhaps this is clear to someone who knows what Kusto is. But can you please give a bit more context?

Are you talking about color syntax highlighting for a language? Or is it a variation on how to render code blocks? Or a syntax like mermaid?

If you please, just give a bit more context so if this gets addressed, the developers can know exactly what to look for. (Maybe I’m missing something obvious. If so, sorry.)


So the prismjs integration for Obsidian basically means so you can format code blocks like this:

print("Hello world")


SELECT * from *;

Another language that is supported by prismjs but not by Obsidian, is Kusto Query Language, so you should be able to do:

| where name == "Test"

But the kusto integration doesn’t work within Obsidian, therefore Obsidian must be running an outdated version of prismjs as prismjs added this support in September 2021 - Added support for Kusto by RunDevelopment · Pull Request #3068 · PrismJS/prism · GitHub

Hope that makes sense?

EDIT: Interestingly my formatting works here! But not in the main Obsidian release.