Korean characters are sometimes not properly entered on Mac

First of all, thanks for the good software. Obsidian is one of the best tools for me.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a new note
  2. To enter a text ‘넛지’ in Korean, I should type the following 5 chracters in order.
    ㄴ ㅓ ㅅ ㅈ ㅣ
  3. At the first input, the fourth character ‘ㅈ’ is not input (100% reproducible)
    As a result, the following characters are entered.
  4. There is no problem when I enter the same character again afterward.
    for example, ‘넛ㅣ 넛지 넛지 …’

Expected result

It would be nice if the characters were entered normally from the beginning.
‘넛지 넛지 넛지 …’

Actual result

Sometimes a Korean character is not input correctly
‘넛ㅣ 넛지 넛지 …’


  • Operating system:
    mac OS 11.5.1
    Obsidian v0.13.23

  • Debug info:

Additional information

If it is difficult to explain or understand the bug, I will upload a video.

yes post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault and using osx default ime.

And see if it happens here: https://codemirror.net/6/

Sorry for this report. When I checked again after deleting all plugins, the bug was not reproduced. Thank you!