Knowledge Graph and Tag Clouding to find correlations

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

Let’s start by saying I’m a noob when it comes to databases in general and a total novice when it comes to Obsidian. But what I’m looking for may benefit many people.

I want to start tagging a behavior and see how those relates to my symptoms.

For instance, I will tag my symptoms and well-being such as “lots of energy today”, “felt like going to bed early”, “itchy scalp”, etc.

Then I tag behaviors and consumption such as “consumed tomato”, “took creatine”, “ate right before workout”, etc.

You get the drill!

I would then use Obsidian’s knowledge graph and pick the tag “headache” and see what behaviors and consumption that is related to that and see what the culprits are.

It would be nice to do it tag cloud style where often tagged items get bigger.

So, is this possible in Obsidian? Has it been done already? If not, could I noob do it?

Is it even a good idea?


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This resembles one type of analysis used when doing qualitative research. Check out this blog post from a member of the Obsidian community, I think it can give you lots of ideas of how to approach what you want to do, as well as offering you a kickstart with the sample vault provided by the creator.

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seems like a good/cool/useful idea to me… there is a program called “Infranodus” that (theoretically/claims it ) works with Obsidian, but I’ve only ever used it with Evernote (with awesome results).

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