Knowledge Base "complex systems" (kybernetic, constructivism)

Hi there, I am just a beginner in obsidian. I want to realize a knowledge base for “complex systems”. First I start with a book about “Niklas Luhmann” because that book is a combination of text with footnotes and a lexicon with 500 keywords. So I learn to manage the text features, table of contents, insert pictures, links, footnotes. The next step is to add books from Gregory Bateson, also with a lot of keywords.
Did somebody things like that with obsidian? I am thankful to get tip, don’t make fundamental errors…

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I’m currently implementing a mix of a Project oriented knowledge management system and the Zettlekasten approach.

My best advice would be to not care too much about errors, but test and learn what fits the best your needs. The work of Luhmann is great because it opened a closed gate that led to knowledge management as we know it today with Zettlekasten.

Now, try, adapt the method to your own needs and enjoy the journey !

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thank your for your comment.
It sounds like the way I do now…
I have changed the access, the structure when I link to the lexicon. I started to collect all “a” expressions in one note and the link jump to “a” and to the paragraph for example “Anschlussfähigkeit”. The disadvantage by this method is, that the mouse over doesn’t work. In addition to this method I put all expressions in separate notes. By mousover it shows immediately the declaration from “Anschlussfähigkeit”. This is for my work absolutely great :slight_smile: because there are so many foreign words…