Keyword Highlighter Plugin

Hi everyone!

I recently created a plugin to highlight your defined keywords.

Please check out my GitHub repo to see how the plugin works and how you can use it.
Feel free to provide feedback and create issues at any time!

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This is handy indeed! Installed and using it already.

From the top of my head I would say you should include some additional styling options, because sometimes colors alone don’t suffice. So assuming you are aware with the Supercharged Links plugin, I’d love to see the following:

  • support for bold, italics, underline, strikethrough
  • support for automatic emoji prefix/suffix insertion
  • support to change the : trigger to something other altogether
  • regex support for matching keywords (careful, this one costs performance if not done well)
  • you could also create a dedicated Obsidian pane where you list all keywords and the pages they’re on (imagine having “BUG:” highlighted and a list of pages with bug mentions, without needing to use tags or other properties)

I know you probably wanted to keep it simple, but then why write “The Obsidian Keyword Highlighter is a powerful plugin” on your repo readme if it doesn’t have more powerful options like the above ones I mentioned? :slight_smile:

With the above features, you would basically create the word-based alternative to Supercharged Links :grin: and that IS powerful!

P.S. I do wonder how performant this will be on large documents with thousands or tenths of thousands of words… did you do any tests performance-wise?

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Nice! But how does it compare to the build-in keyword higlighter of GitHub - nothingislost/obsidian-dynamic-highlights: An experimental Obsidian plugin that highlights all occurrences of the word under the cursor

Also: does it work in reading-view?

what about a toggle-command/button to quickly disable/enable all or some of the keywords?


I just tested and apparently it does work in all modes.

It’s not as powerful because it doesn’t support regex, for example, and requires using the : suffix to trigger the coloring.

So it’s like a simple plugin that keeps things, well, simple :slight_smile: I guess it was designed for those who don’t want complex settings and just want a fast out-of-the-box, 3-clicks experience.

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makes sense, thanks for testing! :smiley:

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Hi guys, thanks for your feedback.

I think I should make clear my intention of developing this plugin. I recently started again using Obsidian to make some nots for studying. After creating my first notes I realized that I am missing a functionality for highlighting my todos that came up while writing down my thoughts. As a developer I am used to do this by writing a comment with a TODO and it works in any common IDE. I tried some Obsidian plugins but none of them worked out of the box how I wanted them to and most of the time I was struggling to configure the plugin to match my quite simple requirements. I am not willed to put much time into setup a plugin so I decided to create my own highlighter plugin (I am quite skeptical if that was a time-saver ^^).

I really like your ideas! I will create some issues and try to implement them (even though I am not sure about regex, cause configuration should stay simple).

I see your point but for me it is no contradiction. A plugin can be simple to configure and be powerful aswell. For my writing it currently helps a lot :wink:

So far I had no performance issues in my working, but my vault is also quite manageable.

As woofy31 already told correctly, yes it works in both editing and reading mode.

Good idea, i will put this on my issue list.