Keyboard shortcuts not following custom keyboard layout

I’m using Obsidian on both English and Hebrew. In English, I use the Workman layout, and all shortcuts work well. To make shortcuts work as expected when I write in Hebrew, I’ve made a custom layout for Hebrew that sets the right keys on the second level. It works on almost* every app I use (in Linux Mint or Fedora), but not on Obsidian, where the shortcuts follow the original qwerty locations.
Denote by [#] the key which on qwerty is mapped to “B”. On Workman, this key maps to “V”.

When I’m on my English layout, pressing ctrl+[#] gives the effect of ctrl+V (i.e. paste).
When I’m on my Hebrew layout, pressing ctrl+[#] gives the effect of ctrl+B (i.e. bold).
Note also the following:
When I’m on my Hebrew layout, pressing shift+[#] I get the effect of shift+V (i.e. print V, as expected).

This means that for shortcuts, Obsidian bypasses my layout, and uses some different source to interpret the key [#].

Is there some way I can configure this bypass? is there somewhere a built-in keyboard map that Obsidian uses?

* almost = I also experience similar issue in a whatsapp client for linux

[ an old related bug: International keyboard layout hotkeys not working]


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