Keyboard shortcuts for "Select all", "Cut" and "Copy"

Is it possible to define alternative keyboard shortcuts for basic editor commands, like “Select all”, “Cut” or “Copy”? I cannot find those commands in the shortucts list in options,


Short answer, no. Those are handled by the operating system, as far as I know. I do know they aren’t exposed in the hotkey editor.

What OS are you using? There are apps that can customize stuff like that, including per-app.

I am using Windows. I’m used to use emacs-like hotkey, where Ctrl-A is shortcut for “go to beginning of the current line”. I can successfully assing that shortcut, but now I’m missing the shortcut for “select all”. In other Windows applications, like VS Code, remapping this command is possible, that’s why I am wondering why cannot do it in Obsidian.

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