Keyboard Shortcut to **Toggle** Outline (instead of opening a new outline pane)

Use case or problem

I configured a keyboard shortcut (hotkey) to “Open the Outline for the current file” in Obsidian’s settings.
Then each time I use this hokey, Obsidian opens up a new pane, which is the expected behavior according to the name of the hotkey.
However, I’m used to using hotkeys that act as a toggle to show a pane if not present or hide when already displayed.
This is why I end up having a new outline pane opened each time I try to close/hide the existing one.

Proposed solution

  • Option 1: Change the behavior of the hotkey to act as a toggle to show/hide the Outline pane, instead of opening up a new pane each and every time (=> UX breaking change)
  • Option 2: Add another dedicated hotkey to toggle the outline

Current workaround (optional)

Close the Outline pane(s) opened manually (cross icon) as no hotkey exists for this purpose. I can live with this workaround but this could be an easy and useful fix/FR.


This is a workaround.

Have the outline visible on one of the sidebars. Then use the sidebar toggle. Both left and right sidebars have hotkeys to toggle them. This is what I use for outlines most often.


That’s what I do too. Works nicely.

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This works fine.
Thank you @mano and @DandyLyons for the help. :heart_eyes: