Keyboard shortcut to navigate paragraphs like Emacs ctrl-(up/down arrow)

Use case or problem

The one feature I’m currently missing in Obsidian is emacs-style paragraph navigation (control up/down arrows), which is so useful for skimming through a file.

Proposed solution

Be able to assign a keyboard shortcut to navigate paragraphs.

Current workaround (optional)


there are plugins that do this.

If file navigation is something you want keyboard shortcuts for, you might want to look into learning vim and enabling the setting for it.

i workaround has been suggested in another thread but that sounds like a rather complicated solution to a simple problem

one thing I’ve learned with obsidian so far is that unnecessarily adding plugins often leads to more bugs, is time consuming to configure/maintain and adds to the difficulty of debugging things when a problem comes up in Obsidian

that’s why it was suggested (still in that other thread) that this could be a good idea to suggest as a feature request

The plugins are the absolute best feature of Obsidian. I would never want Emacs-style navigation, and due it it not being built into Obsidian core, my experience is fast and sleek with no bloat.

Obsidian is built in such a way that it’s very easy to get the exact experience you want, by either using plugins or by home-brewing it yourself, as I demonstrated for you in the other thread.

It’s highly unlikely this will ever be part of core, nor should it be, so it would be worth considering the plugin or homebrew option.

sorry but I really don’t see how adding emacs-style keyboard shortcuts—especially when vi shortcuts are already part of the core—would either make your experience slow or bloated

mainwhile, configuring a plugin that also requires scripting (keep in mind not everyone is a programmer) involves a learning curve, time to set it up, and can break with new updates i.e. possibly requires maintenance

been using obsidian for years and that’s actually only the second time I’m suggesting a feature, not because *I* use it, but because I know emacs itself is widely used and I’m probably not the only one that would use those key mappings were they implemented

It’s death by a thousand cuts. This one thing won’t make a difference, but there are so many “one things” which people want.

It’s smart to keep the core as light as possible.

But hey, maybe they’ll add it. :woman_shrugging: In the meantime, there are workarounds which should add the functionality perfectly.

Got it. I can understand why keeping the core as light as possible is important.

Thanks for providing the workaround in the other thread. I’ll see if I can implement that with the plugin you mentioned.

You can set up it using Templater scripts: Go to the next/previous paragraph (e.g. empty line) using Templater scripts. Put all files to your Templater scripts folder, add both .md files to the Template Hotkeys and assign hot keys. · GitHub