Keyboard shortcut to navigate paragraphs like Emacs ctrl-(up/down arrow)?

The one feature I’m currently missing in Obsidian is emacs-style paragraph navigation (control up/down arrows), which is so useful for skimming through a file.

Anything I’m missing? Any way to configure this in Obsidian?

They sound like good commands to make a feature request for. Ctrl up and down are good, but I still would want the hotkey to be configurable. If you create one, definitely link to it from here. Thanks!

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You could do this with Templater:

  1. Get the current cursor position with app.workspace.activeLeaf.view.editor.getCursor()
  2. Get the current file content with tp.file.content
  3. Look for the previous or next instance of \n\n\n (a new paragraph).
  4. Move the cursor to the new location with app.workspace.activeLeaf.view.editor.setCursor()

Then assign the two scripts (prev or next) to hotkeys using the Templater config page.

Just posted a feature request about this.

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