Keyboard shortcut to focus properties from note

Hey, just like the title says, is there a way to focus the properties pane with a keyboard shortcut when writing a note? Right now the only workaround I’ve found is to use the shortcut to add a new property and then cancel it using escape so that I can navigate through the properties with the keyboard. It’s not really elegant.



Sounds like you have the Properties pane in a sidebar, so you can see everything.

If you want to add or remove something, you click into it or use the shortcut mentioned.
Focus is achieved like that through your interaction. Your request would make more sense on mobile but you didn’t specify where you are using the app.
Otherwise you could make your own plugin using event handlers or whatever they are called. But it would still need some kind of interaction on your part.

Hey, I misspoke, I meant the properties section that is above the note’s content, not the properties pane on the sidebar.

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Unfortunately there doesnt seem to be one. The closest ive found to achieve your desired workflow would be to use the Modal Form Plugin

I hope there is a way to “jump” to the properties I am currently not aware of.

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Hey, I didn’t know about this plugin. Seems very useful, thanks!

If you guys are using the app on PC, why not hide Properties from the note and put them in a sidebar? This way you can see the metadata when you scroll down in the note as you’re typing.

We want to easily edit the properties, not just see them

You can edit them on the sidebar pane.

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