Keyboard shortcut to append new item to existing list?

I’m a new user, currently using Sublime Text.

I do a weekly review and keep the corresponding file open at all times. It consists of headings and lists; I add to these lists as the week goes on and then review the whole thing on Sunday.

I’m looking for a quick way to add an empty item to the end of an existing list, and to place the cursor there. Is there a hotkey I’ve overlooked, or a plugin or user script that would do what I am trying to achieve?

You can use quickadd to add text under a heading, i don’t know if it’s what you want.

My suggestion:

  • Obsidian Advanced URI plugin to append text to an specific note
  • Shell Commands plugin or URI Commands Obsidian plugin to “open” URI
  • Editor Commands Remap to go the end of the note
  • QuickAdd to create a macro with all the commands above and define a hotkey

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Thank you; I’ll look into this. I hope I can adjust it to my use case.

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