Keyboard shortcut: switch between split panels

Use case or problem

I have a two panel split.

I would like to keyboard navigate from one panel to the other.

I can’t find an entry for this in the “Hotkeys” section.

I had a shortcut setup for this before upgrading to version 16.x.x. It seems to be gone now.

Proposed solution

Add option to set keyboard shortcut in the hotkeys section.

Current workaround (optional)

I just click instead of using a keyboard shortcut.


Just so you know, there are already existing “focus on tab group to the (left/right/above/below)” commands you can assign hotkeys to.


IMO, This plugin is bettet and simpler.

Actually, that plugin does not do what this feature request is asking for: it cycles through tabs, not tab groups, as it has not been updated to work with Obsidian 0.16 yet.