Keyboard shortcut for wiki-link?


I discover Obsidian.
(After a long search for a markdown desktop app that supports wiki-links on Windows …)
Is there a keyboard shortcut for wiki-links?
Ctrl + k is for standard markdown links [name]() …
If not, is there an option to assign [[wiki-link]] to Ctrl + k?

Thank you.

And well done for this very promising app.

Look at the help file here:

And yes [[ will allow you to link and/or create a new file to which you can link.

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Thank you for your reply.

I have integrated this operation (which is similar to that of Zettlr), namely: typing [[ to create a link to an existing file or a potential link to a file that does not yet exist.

My question about the existence of a keyboard shortcut for the wiki-link comes from my writing practice. The ability to select a piece of a sentence already written, and turn it into a link easily (without having to type on either side of the square brackets).

Also (and you’ll laugh), I broke my arm, and accessing the brackets on my keyboard is epic right now! It would be more convenient for me, with one hand, to select a character string and, with a simple shortcut keyboard, assign it brackets.

We never think enough of the disabled! Fortunately, my misfortune is temporary :slight_smile:

There’s no shortcut for wikilink unfortunately. But you can use the auto pair feature for workaround:

  1. You can turn on the feature in settings -> editor
  2. block/select a text you want,
  3. then press [[
  4. That will automatically change the text to wikilink

Thank you very much for this indication, which does me an excellent service.
Since this enabled option works with an AutoHotkey keyboard shortcut for [[.
I now have easy access to creating wiki-links. :slight_smile:


Thats the workaround I use !

I have Numlock assigned to “[[”.

That gets the job done!