Keyboard shortcut for inline code block

Currently if I type backquote, it will appears in double, for situations where I want to format existing words to inline code block, I need to type like this:

It’s kind of annoying when a lot of code blocks need to be handled, if there’s a keyboard shortcut for inline code block, like control/command + B for bolding text, it would not be such a hassle.


You can select the text you want for the inline code block and then type the backtick to achieve this.

Peek 2020-10-20 14-28

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OMG, that’s something I didn’t expect, the common markdown shortcuts made me think that wrapping should be achieved by command/ctrl combos, thank you so much :smiley:

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Cool to know! Is there documentation for the backtick “hotkey”? I was looking through Obsidian Help and the Settings > Hotkeys and didn’t find anything about it.

The hotkey is the backtick key on your keyboard

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