Keyboard shortcut for fold/unfold lists in Preview

Steps to reproduce

First off, thank you for the latest build. It’s amazing as usual, especially the ability to fold/unfold lists in Preview mode

Open a note that has lists in Preview mode
Use keyboard shortcut to fold or unfold

Expected result

The keyboard shortcut to fold/unfold should work

Actual result

Nothing happens


  • Operating system:
  • Obsidian version:

Additional information

which version\os do you have?

It works for me. Which shortcuts did you set? Or did yoy just use the command palette?

I’m using OS X.14.6. Obs version 0.9.10

When I do control P, I see the folding shortcut only when I’m in edit mode (I set the shortcuts to command . and command ,):

But I don’t see it when I’m in preview mode (nor does it work when I try command . or ,:

the shortcuts for preview were added in 0.9.11

The “Unfold all” command was fixed in 0.9.11, but there was some problem with “Fold all”. That will be fixed in 0.9.12. Let us know if it’s not fixed by the time of 0.9.12, thanks.

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