Keyboard shortcut for creating link with clipboard on adjacent word

Use case or problem

Currently it take multiple keypresses to create a link from a single word using URL in your clipboard. The suggestion here is to get it done with single shortcut.

I quite commonly have a URL in my clipboard (e.g. I copied it from some website or from browser URL bar) and I write some text (often formatted, e.g. a in a list) and I’d like to create a link from the last word I used with the URL from the clipboard.

Current approach = 3 shortcuts

Currently I’m using plugin Code Editor Shortcuts, which gives me “Ctrl+D: select word.”

  1. Write a word, e.g. “notes”, my cursor is after the s
  2. Press Ctrl+D to highlight “notes”
  3. Press Ctrl+K to turn the word into a link
  4. Press Ctrl+V to paste the URL


Add a a single shortcut, that does the same thing, e.g. Ctrl+L.

I tried looking and I have not found a way to do this currently.

Have you looked at the “Paste URL into selection” plugin. It does replace selection with URL in clipboard (or at least has an option to do that).

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Perfect! That does exactly what I asked for. (I did not think to search for “paste”)

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