Keyboard modifiers in ios for when no keyboard is connected

When working with Sidecar on ios there’s an option to use an onscreen keyboard modifier (Cmd Etc) when clicking things. It would be useful if this was an option on the Obsidian UI so you could Cmd click open Page Preview/Hover links and other things. This is how it’s implemented when using an ios device to control a Mac.


I was looking around in the JB scene for a keyboard that would allow me to do what Hacker’s Keyboard does on the Android (never really used it, though) but couldn’t find anything.
A mobile app to have these buttons, would be awesome.

Yep, same here. I’m on ios, but had seen that hackers keyboard and even thought about trying to make my own. Even if there was an option to add singular modifiers like CMD to the Obsidian shortcuts and then use the Commander plugin to add those shortcuts to the Mobile toolbar, or Tab bar, then that could work similar to how Apple does it in sidecar…