Keep pin icon visible when file not pinned

I would like the pin icon to stay visible on a file, and have the pin be a different color (or filled-in vs. not filed-in) to differentiate whether the file is pinned. Currently for me, the pin icon only appears when the file is pinned; the pin icon disappears and the pin function moves into the triple-dot menu when the file is unpinned. My desired behavior is I click the same icon (just looks filled in or different color) whether I want to pin or unpin.

I’m using Minimal Theme 5.1.5, and am not sure if that’s causing this. My Obsidian is v.0.13.23 (on Mac Desktop, not mobile). Both are the current latest versions.

Things I have tried

  1. I’ve checked this forum, the Minimal Theme CSS, and Minimal Theme issues on GitHub. (keywords like: pin/pinned, toggle, appear, remain, disappear)
  2. This could be caused by the Minimal Theme or a plugin, but looking at those I didn’t see an obvious cause.
  3. I know how to change the appearance of the pin icon when it’s visible via CSS, but not how to use CSS to keep it visible when a file is not pinned.

Thank you!

The easy way to check (on desktop) is to open the Help vault, which uses all the default settings. (The answer is no, the behavior you describe happens with default settings.)

Pin a note, then use the pointer from the developer tools to select the pin icon. Note where its markup is highlighted in the HTML window, then unpin the note. You’ll see that its class changes and an inline style appears: <a class="view-action mod-pin-leaf" aria-label="Pin" style="display: none">.

I don’t know which display property is the right one to revert to, but it looks like you need !important to override the inline style. I found that display: initial!important;works.

This is all in the default theme. Minimal’s markup may differ, but you should be able to use the same approach to work it out.

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Thank you!

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