Keep It by Reinvented Software as file storage

Anyone tried using Obsidian with Keep It, a bucket app from Reinvented Software? Specifically using Keep It’s folder as the vault location for Obsidian. Why? Keep It can handle all file types, has a robust tagging system that syncs with MacOS Finder tags, allows sketching, etc. it has Markdown editing but not wiki links. The tags in Keep It are metadata as opposed to Obsidian where tags are internal to a document (correct me if I’m wrong, but you can’t apply tags to say an image or a PDF in Obsidian without creating a separate document and then embedding the file in that document so those tags aren’t really linked to the document.) So using both I could get the benefits of Obsidian’s wiki links, data view, plugins, transclusion, etc but store the files in Keep It and have access to its benefits as well.

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I don’t see why you wouldn’t use it.

This is the benefit of Obsidian’s open design. You can use it to work on a set of files. But it does not preclude you from using other apps to work on the files.

Obsidian’s sync (and any sync) should be considered a separate app to think about to make sure you don’t cause race conditions between apps updating files.

interesting, is this app available on windows too? i am looking for such an app.

No, it’s Apple only (MacOS, iOS, iPadOS.)

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Well… it’s an interesting app and I would have liked to have found it in the pre-Obsidian era. It likes to manage its own file directory, and won’t sit on top of another existing directory (i.e. on top of an existing Obsidian vault). So you can’t open an existing vault with Keep It. However, it appears that you can create a Keep It library, and then open it with Obsidian so you should be able to do what you want.

That said, I would find using both to be confusing.