Keep bullets when adding a task to a list

Using the latest obsidian on MacOS I would like to ask the following …

Currently when you have a list you see bullets. When one of the bullets becomes a task using - [ ] the the bullet disappears … see the image below …
Pasted image 20220426221447

That is wrong behaviour in my opinion as I on purpose defined a list. A checkbox (defining a task) would be a part of the content of that bullet and should not replace the bullet.

So the lower part of this image above should have 3 bullets with the content of the second bullet starting with a checkbox.

For reference … I think Logseq does this a lot better. See the image below.
Pasted image 20220426221418
You can ignore the TODO is this case. The list is independent of the fact if a certain bullet is a task or not.

Why do I care so much about this only optical difference? Because most of my task are in my daily notes and I use an outline in my daily notes … So 1 big list. I like this setup as it makes it very convenient to move bullets including sub-bullets around. But the break in the list is very disorienting to me … specially with multiple task in different levels of indentation. Which is mostly the case for me.

Would this be a change you might consider? I don’t think it breaks anything as the format is strictly speaking the same only the presentation would be changed.

If you genuinely think the current implementation is better then what I propose please let me know why you think so. I am interested.


I agree in principle, and I have a specific workflow that is disrupted because of this. I’m using the zoom plugin to “hoist” an outline. When the bullet is converted to a checkbox it breaks. You can see I’m styling Obsidian to outline similar to logseq/workflowy.


Thanks for bringing in just another reason to change the current default behaviour.

I do use Zoom-plugin myself but almost exclusively using the hotkey’s to zoom in and zoom out so I completely missed the issue you are experiencing.