Keep Android app from reloading so often

What I’m trying to do

I want the app kept in memory when I use it, go to another app, then come back again. Right now, even though I have it “locked” on the homescreen overview, most of the time if I go to another app (perhaps it’s triggered if I go to more than one other app) and come back within seconds to minutes the whole app has to reload again. VERY frustrating especially when you have a big vault to reload (ten to twenty seconds of wait time every time)

Things I have tried

Locking the app in ram (doesn’t seem to work very well)

Do I need to make a tiny vault with links to other vaults?? Maybe with some script to copy recently modified files back and forth between vault folders?


I can’t really help on actually locking it in memory, but I’ve experienced that fiddling around with which plugins are active can change the startup speed significantly.

Try enabling the Settings > Community plugins > Debug startup time, and see what it reports, and consider whether you actually need those plugins or not on mobile. I shaved of over 20s in the startup doing this.


Size of vault can make a difference too, but start with holroy’s plugin suggestion first to hopefully avoid multiple vaults.

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