Kanban Board Managing Issue

Kanban Board Management

Hi, as a first time help seeker here, I hope for the forum’s assistance. As I showed in the gif, I wanted to manage kanban board in a more convenient way like,

  1. There shall be a ‘Main Folder’ (like ‘Kanban Test’) for the kanban management and 2 separate sub-folders for Boards & their lists.

  2. All the created boards(eg “Test Kanban Board”) would auto move in that ‘Board sub-folder’.

  3. It would be best if kanban could create a new folder same as the new list title (Like “Test Kanban Folder”) every time in that ‘list sub-folder’.

  4. Then ‘new note from card’ operation would make .md files which would auto move in their ‘list-titled folder’ (Like List 1,2,3 in “Test Kanban Folder”.

  5. And I couldn’t find any way to make hotkey for ‘new note from card’. It’s tiring to do right click every time.

Are any of those possible? If so please guide me. Thanks.

All of your requests are fairly specific and would most likely need to be handled by the plugin.

You could have a look over on their Github page: Issues · mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban · GitHub for feature requests, and add your own if you don’t find one already.

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