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Hi there, I use the Tasks plugin to create tasks with custom statuses and due dates. However, I would like to have a kanban view of tasks by status. Can someone tell me how I can achieve this?

I’ve tried using CardBoard and that seems to need me to use tags to designate status and not the square bracket notation.


Use task queries to filter in each box.

You will create 4 (or however many boxes) and each box will have its own query.

Thanks for the response, but how am I creating these boxes? Cardboard seems to have a specific set types of boxes (date, undated, tagged, etc). So, how do I incorporate a query?

You use 3 backticks, which is ` symbol by the 1 on your keyboard.

and type tasks right after them like this: ```tasks

Then you type the query you want as shown on that page.

In the canvas you “Add card”

This is an example card:

I haven’t added any tasks for today so mine shows like this:

Love your patience :slight_smile: But really what I was missing was that you were creating the cards on Canvas, not as a note. While that gets the visual effect of having multiple lists, it does not let me move tasks from one swimlane to the other

For now I’m just using a tasks query grouped by task status name - fwiw

You can use the Kanban plugin GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban: Create markdown-backed Kanban boards in Obsidian.

If you use the tasks emoji input then in the kanban settings you can set the dates to come up when you type that same emoji and they work well together and it allows dragging and dropping.

I’m going to test out my tasks being in Obsidian (once I get them all added) and Kanban is my primary reason/tool.

Thanks after trying the Kanban plugin, it looks like this is not really possible at the moment i.e. kanban board of tasks that are created inline in various notes

Ref: How to create a Board view of Tasks · obsidian-tasks-group/obsidian-tasks · Discussion #472 · GitHub

I use it. The dates work just fine for me using the tasks emoji format.

WOW! How do you set this up so each swim lane corresponds to a task-status?

You have to manually create the statuses.

Once you do, though, they are just headings in a markdown file so you can group by them in the query.

You manually create the status fields once in Kanban and then you can drag them back and forth.

So technically the task itself doesn’t carry the task status, and if you do other queries you need to connect the task to which heading it belongs to. Is this correctly understood?

Correct. Tasks doesn’t have a way to have task status, as far as I’m aware. If I am wrong, please let me know, but from what I’ve researched I don’t see anywhere tasks has to store status except maybe a tag which you would have to filter by as well.

You do need to use an inline field or tag to denote the status within the task itself, but they’re slightly easier to work with instead of manipulating the section link to extract the heading. Not much, but a little easier with tags/fields.

Alternatively I’m using the actual status character to indicate status progress, using the set of characters from \/ x><-. The only one I’m kind of missing from that set is a next (and possibly in progress) status indicator. Maybe I should start using . (or n). And I’m waiting for KanBan to actually be able to change the status character of a task when dragged (and/or automatically switching lanes based on the task status character).

I’m sorry I dont entirely follow @AngelsOfDarkness

Here is a note I made with a task added to it

[w] is a custom status that indicates ‘waiting on someone else’, in my setup. And these are all of the custom statuses I’ve defined using the Tasks plugin

How do I get this to work with the kanban plugin?

Oh, you can view the kanban as a markdown file. Ah, those are not compatible. It is either those or kanban.

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This is the same as I talked about with using the status characters in my alternative method, @ramnathk , and it’s currently not supported by KanBan, but it’s on the road map, so maybe someday we’ll be able to just drag and drop tasks between lanes, and it’ll change the status character of the task accordingly. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

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Another alternative while we’re waiting for the true lanes of a KanBan board switching the character/status for us, you could use multi column layouts where each column holds a given task query for a given status. If you then use the Tasks way to switch the task status, it should jump to the correct line after the status change.

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