Kanban "+Add a card" button overflows on IOS but not on Windows version

Steps to reproduce

Create a Kanban board and put enough cards to overflow the window.

Expected result

“+Add a card” button at the bottom of each Kanban column remains visible.

Actual result

On IOS “+Add a card” button overflows off screen. On windows even when resized to the size of a mobile device the “+Add a card” button only overflows when window height too small.


IOS 1.4.0(80)
API v1.0.0

Additional information

git issue:

I wasn’t sure if this was a Kanban issue or a IOS issue so I figured I’d post.

After doing a little digging it seems to be an issue with either the class ‘item-button-wrapper’ or ‘new-item-button’ in ItemForm.tsx which are in this css file.

I’ve done a little webdev/electron stuff so I plan on digging into this, but I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app or the plugin. I would think the app should mimic the desktop version as closely as possible in this case and that’s not happening.

we don’t take bug reports involving third party plugins.