Just started making plugin


I spent my whole day on volcano and Obsidian’s obfuscated code and I was able to code my first plugin, BetterWordCounterPlugin.

One of the few things that really frustrated me with Obsidian is to not have the highlighted text word count. Now I can. I’m happy.

You can find the repository here. Any feedback is welcome :slight_smile:

For the next plugin, I think I want to work on the tables, like trying to format them, event sort them…

What do you think?


What is volcano?
nice logo btw

Thanks for the logo!

volcanp is a plugin management system. You can find everything in my Github, but please let me know if I can do something for you.

I just finished a little plugin for may AZERTY people. You can finally zoom in and zoom out without a numeric pad. You can also use with commands!

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for the table plug in you mentioned, it’d be nice to replicate the way org-mode deals with tables.

I actually use spacemacs’ org-mode to create tables in .md for obsidian.

It’d be awesome to have a clean solution to do it straight into obsidian!
Thanks for your work!

for the table plug in you mentioned, it’d be nice to replicate the way org-mode deals with tables.

Hey! I never used emacs (team vi sorry), so i’m unclear on what you mean. If you explain it to me here or in a Github issue, I’ll do my best.

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No worries, haha I’m also team vi. (Can’t stand emacs keybinding either) that’s why I use spacemacs (highly recommend it, it’s vim inside the power of emacs)

here’s a short description of what I mean

I couldn’t find a quick video to demo it.

I might record a quick demo to show you if you’d like

It’s ok, this webpage reads as specs. It’s pretty solid UX wise, I’m using this.

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Just made a quick demo
It’d be amazing to be able to achieve something similar in obsidian


Nice demo! I’ll see what I can do.

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Awesome, thank you! looking forward, let me know if you ever need me to test things.

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A Plugin which integrates excel would be great too! That would solve the complete table formatting problem!


It’s a good idea ! The way I’m developing my plugin, it would be technically possible, but it could need a lot of work. Maybe when the official API is released?

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