Jump to the first line (start) or last line (end)

Hi, developers!

Can you add the feature of “jump to the start” and “jump to the end” to the Windows version of Obsidian?

I found the Obsidian in iPad has this feature, we can set the hotkey to realise this function. For example, we can use the hotkey “Ctrl+[” to jump to the start and use the hotkey “Ctrl+]” to jump to the end.

But in the Windows version of Obsidian, I don’t find that feature. So I have to scroll up or down which is not convenient when the article is long.

On Windows this works for me:

Jump to first line: Ctrl + Home
Jump to last line: Ctrl + End

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Thank you very much! This is very helpful.

I just found in my Windows Laptop, I can use Fn+← as the Home and Fn+→ as the End :joy:

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