Jump to main contents with a hotkey

What I’m trying to do

I am adding properties in Live Preview. Ctrl+ allows me to add a new property. But when I finish adding properties, I want to start adding the file’s actual contents. At this point, I am using a mouse. I hate doing so.

Things I have tried

There is a way to do it with the keyboard: pressing ESC to exit the dropdown of recommendations in the property’s value and then pressing twice TAB to jump to “Add property” and from there to the main contents.

What I want

To be able to do so with a single keypress/combination (like ctrl+;).

Any ideas?

For me, arrowing down brings me in the body of the note.

For me, arrowing down navigates the suggestion dropdown. If I exit the menu (but stay in the property editing), arrowing down does nothing. I can then exit the property editing by a second ESC and press down-arrow twice (just like TAB twice) to get the main contents. So, it does not spare even a single key press (it just switches TAB with DOWN).

It might be relevant to test it with a property of list type, but I think string types behave similarly.

Also, it might be relevant: I am using vim-mode.

That might very well be. I advise you to also add that information to your first post so people evaluating the problem immediately have this information as well.

Escape should return the cursor back to where it was in the note before you focused the properties section.

Alt (or Option on macOS) will move the cursor to the end of the properties section, to the start of the note.

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