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Hi everyone,

when opening a note the cursor always start on the very first line. I want the cursor to jump to the latest entry or at least find a solution so the cursor jumps to the last line of a note. I couldn’t find an option in the settings.

Thanks in advance!

It hasn’t been updated in a while, but you could check to see if this works for you:

Hi ariehen,

your help is much appreciated. I will try the suggested plugin, but I am wondering if I am the only one who wants to jump straight into the last edited line of a note. I thought this feature would be like a general need. Am I wrong?

I only want to jump to the bottom of some notes (my active weekly notes), so I put a block ID at the bottom and link to it with a block link.

If I want to get to the end of the document on Mac I just hit the fn + Cmd + → combination, and I think the key combination on Windows is Ctrl + End.

Cmd + ↓ works too.

Thanks everyone for the feedback and suggestions. I am aware of shortcut operations and that’s what I am doing at the moment, like in any other rather normal text editor. Still, I feel it is kind of outdated for an application like obsidian, but this might be a very personal feeling.

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