Jump Ship: Notion to Obsidian migration made easy! (now in open beta)

Jump Ship is a fully-fledged end-to-end service that enables you to simply and easily import very large and complex Notion workspaces for use in Obsidian.

The default ZIP export process Notion uses can result in errors, unreliable export of pages and poor formatting of content. For large workspaces especially, the Importer plug-in just doesn’t work.

We mitigate that by going directly through the Notion API, allowing for a pristine export of your workspace, grabbing as much data as possible.

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Here’s a few screenshots of the service in action.

Properties & images carrying over from Notion to Obsidian.

What does open beta access mean?

It means that we are not quite ready for public release yet: we are still developing the website, the back-end, and everything involved in getting people’s data across. The service works, is functional, and works end-to-end for most people’s workspaces, though there may be errors in very niche situations.

What does Jump Ship support?

Jump Ship is designed to comprehensively transfer as much data as possible.

The best way to test out whether our service is for you is through generating a free sample workspace using your own notes.

  1. Try out the service;
  2. Let us know at our support e-mail ([email protected]) if you need any help with the formatting of your export.
  3. We will work with you to get that right.

Any other questions?

Our Jump Ship documentation should cover most questions; please have a look through here for answers first. If it’s not there, reach out to our support e-mail and we will try and address it: [email protected]

Register for open beta access!


This is really cool! I just have one question. Will this service be free once its released to the public?


We’re going to be releasing with a free tier and a paid tier.

The free tier will give you access to 15 notes a day, while the paid tier will let you export as many notes as you like (useful for full workspace exports!)

Nice! Thanks for developing this service, I’m excited to use it once it’s available!

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#Markimus, do you have any idea about when this service will be available? Thanks

Hi vinispira,

The plan is Q4 2023, though right now we are open to trialling this out to individual beta testers. If you’re open to testing a service where things may go slightly wrong (though will be ironed out as and when that happens) sign up using our beta testing link.

Edit (17/04/24): Open beta now available—register for access here.

@Markimus Would love to test and provide feedback, as I think I have an interesting “data set” with about 250 MB, not too large and nothing super crazy.

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So I tested this service and it seemed BY FAR the BEST export option from Notion to Obsidian. Previously I tried the N2O.py and found a lot of problems that couldn´t be solved with additional Python scripts. I had thousands of notes inside Notion with various kinds of content, summing to about 15 Gb of text, images, videos etc. Markimus and I worked (intermitently, of course) for almost three months to adjust a number of details and issues, and I felt this service improved a lot during this time. Main challenges were the inclusion of a customized frontmatter and an issue with Notion notes previously imported from Evernote (they were not immediatly recognized by the Notion API used by this service). So although this service is in Beta Testing, the import went surprisingly well, with Markimus being very attentive in dealing with all the obstacles. I recommend to everybody!

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It took me almost a year of investigations and trials and errors to come to this point, and this is the cost apps like Notion want everybody to pay to get out of their claws :frowning: I still use Notion for teamwork and to share content on the web, but I will never upload sensitive content and trust in a company like that. Thanks Obsidian, and thanks Markimus for allowing this transition.

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I’ve just finished migrating my Notion workspaces to markdown and I’m so happy that I discovered Jump Ship. I initially exported my Notion workspaces to .md using the Notion app but was massively underwhelmed when I opened the new vault in Obsidian: the documents weren’t linked, they had horrible names (each file name had a UUID appended to it) and my database pages weren’t correctly converted. I started manually fixing these issues, but after spending 20mins on it, I realised that it would take me weeks to finish – not a good use of my time! Jump Ship was a pretty painless experience and @Markimus was great at answering my questions. There is also a “templating” system available which was really useful for me as I wanted my converted markdown files to be slightly different from the default output. If you’re migrating from Notion it’d be a good use of your time to try Jump Ship.

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I normally used to create all my notes in notion in the last few years—so meanwhile around 45,000 notes.
It is a disaster to work with such many notes in notion.
Notion is terrible slowly, and I was spending more time on waiting than doing my work.
It was so frustrating.
Meanwhile, I also took a look at obsidian – I was looking for a database / tool which is not working on other cloud services and where I can OWN my notes.

I also tried to do the export from Notion (CSV) and tested an import in Obsidian.
To be honest – that was a disaster.
The format of the Notion export is terrible!
You will get files with a fancy long unique and so you have to spend a lot of time to get everything working.

I was really lucky – because just at the right time, Markimus wrote me an E-Mail and remembered me that I signed up to his “Notiontoobsidian” Service some time ago.

My first though was: O.K. they really do not have a kind of good-looking website and no proof that this is working. BUT – anyway – loosing my notes OR give it a try?

Long story (made) short: It was the best decision lately!

Markimus gave me a brilliant support and really helped me to get my
45,000 notes running in obsidian.
It took some time to get everything working – because I am not a developer who knows about scripting etc.—but Markimus really took over and did an impressive job.

Now I am truly taking and creating notes again – this is fun stuff.

Everyone to is only thinking about getting away from Notion and working with
Obsidian: give it a try – you will not regret it.

Thanks to @Markimus

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Markimus literally provides for a better service than two full staffed companies as Notion and Obsidian, and I don’t even exaggerate.

I had a huge Notion workspace that I wanted to export to quit the app (several bugs made me distrust the company), and the classic Obsidian importer add-on as well as Notion’s markdown export functions wouldn’t let me do it (hundreds of pages lost in the process, simple deletion of my synced blocks, bad formatting).

Also, I don’t trust easily with data matter but Markimus’ API work is done through the view only mode, so that’s a worry I did not have in our case.

Markimus was kind enough to stay available to work on it regularly for several days and always tried to understand the source of any export problem we could meet. I have rarely met someone as trustable as him online so if Jump Ship ever becomes a company, you’ll be able to put your money on something that is perfectly working.

Thanks to him I could export everything and prepare my competitive exams with a fully functionable Obsidian and without worries linked to Notion data formatting, so that was a bit life changing aha,
Thanks again Markimus !


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I tried to export my Notion database via Notions own export and the Obsidian import plugging. This was failing in a number of ways and I was concerned I wouldn’t reclaim all my data from Notion.

Markimus worked with me personally to find exactly where there was errors and made sure I was able to download my complete Notion database. They even worked with me specifically to understand how I would want certain formatting to come over. They were willing to work with me until the job was done to my satisfaction. Relieved my data was finally liberated!

Great personalized service, highly recommend.

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