JS bookmarklet that clips selected text and page source

Not sure if someone else has posted this, but I’ve made (modified) a bookmarklet that clips text from a web page along with the page title and link, in md format.

The original code comes from here: Bookmarklet to copy current page title and url in Markdown format to clipboard - Usual for posting links to resources in README.md files

I’ve modified it so it also copies plain text selections. The gist lives here.




  1. copy the above code
  2. open your browser, add a bookmark, paste the code in the address field and save
  3. now click on it and you should have the text copied

This is great!! Exactly what I was trying to find. Thanks

That is amazing, thanks

i want to give the data to this script via system clipboard instead of selection. can someone help me with that. it looks so simple but i can’t make it work