Javascript/HTML code and the Live Preview update?

I’ve been using Obsidian for half a year in my sociology major before i found out about the Luhmann-legacy, which was kinda cool for my scientific fetishizing. Although im still in the process of customizing Obsidian for my cognitive workflow and familiarizing myself with daily usage, my brain was never a fan of the editing/preview mode dichotomy, as i perceive codes as disturbing clutter when working creatively.
So you can imagine im grateful for the live preview update. But im a frequent user of daily and weekly notes with templates using a JS/HTML code showing todays date and day in realtime as a header.
It was maybe overambitious to think such codes would be incorporated in, and work with the update. But im hoping some experienced coders or the development team would consider making a workaround or “add-on” for this function.

This is my code. (PS: I can’t code for sh*t. I customized the code by looking at other codes).

“<%+ moment().locale(‘NB’).format(”[I dag,] dddd D. MMMM") %>"