JavaScript Editor - any recommendations?

What I’m trying to do

Can anyone recommend a JavaScript Editor? I am using Notepad on Windows but a custom-made editor would be better.

Things I have tried

I searched in the help, but no one seems to have asked this question before.

tip: vscode editor plugin within obsidian

I’ve been trying this for the last day or two. It appears to be working, but it is reporting errors which is clogging up the console.

Why not just use VSCode separately from Obsidian? Obsidian is not made to be a code editor so there are bound to be issues.

Either way, I’d report this to the dev on their github.

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I thought VS Code was developed exclusively for use within Obsidian…?

No, VSCode is a program software engineers/coders use to edit files like this.

VSCode is made by Microsoft.

I highily recommend using an IDE and not Obsidian for code editing.

This definitely looks better. How do you connect VSCode to Obsidian, in that, how do you run/debug a .js file that uses as input an md file from Obsidian? I’ve googled this but am confused by what I find.

Open the file in VSCode, press CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + i in Obsidian and open the Console and then you can console.log() whatever you need to in your JS file.