It's there a way to link parts of notes in the same note?

What I’m trying to do

I’ve created a note and has titles of capter, and then the titles of the sub chapters,
inside the sub-chapters there are parts that I want to link to other parts on the same note

Things I have tried

I’ve tried to type [[subchapter#intrestedPart]] for the important parts. And to link to them I typed
[[subchapter#intrestedPart|original text]]

Using header links you can link to whatever heading you want to. If your headings have the same name, you might have an issue. Given a heading structure like the following, where I’ve just typed [[#:

Source text
## My main section

### Interesting

Some interesting stuff

## Another section

More interesting stuff

### Interesting


We can see the autocomplete suggesting all headings of this note. And the “Interesting” part is listed twice. If you select either one it produce the link [[#Interesting]] which link to the first occurence.

However in this case you can disambiguate it if you type [[#Anot<tab>#Inte<enter>, which would produce the link [[#Another section#Interesting]], which indeed would link the last part.

Does this clarify how you can link a heading and some subheading with the same name?

On a related note, if you’d rather want to link to a specific block, like the “More interesting stuff”, you could also use blockId’s to link directly to that part. You’d then add ^someId either on the end, or the immediate line following your text block, and use a link like [[#^someId]] to reference it within that note. If your note was named “Stuff”, you could also refer to that block using [[Stuff#^someId]] from other fields.

No, I mean link like a part of More intresting stuff to another section of the note

I’m not following… You can’t use text defined somewhere else to become a part of the link at your current location. You can always repeat the text and like wherever you like.

Or you could do More [[#Another section|interesting]] stuff, which would link to another section from that part of the text.

What I mean is: imagine that under the first ###Intresting there is a list of 3 concepts,
and under the second ###Intresting I mention the second concept, so I want to link the phrase in the second section that referes to the second concept.

You can only create a link going forward from where you are. You can’t make a link where you mention the second concept, at the location of the definition of the first concept.

1. concept
Pos A: 2. concept --> link A
3. concept 

Pos B: Mention 2. concept --> link B

You can write something at “Pos A” to link to “Pos B”, or write something at “Pos B” to link to “Pos A”.

But you can’t write something as “Pos B”, to make “Pos A” link to “Pos B”. (That is, you can’t write something at “Pos B” to create “link A”). The link has to be written at the location where it should link to something else.

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