ITS theme / change size of headings

I would like to decrease the size of subheadings, currently they are only differentiated by their color. I would like them to also use a smaller size of the font.

I probably will have to edit a file to do so and I was wondering if anyone has already done this or knows how to do this without corrupting files.


The ITS theme has lots of settings you can adjust using the Style Settings plugin.

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I just didn’t find this. And I actually still don’t find it.

Where do I have to look?

thank you

ITS Theme Settings > Note > Headers > Header Font Size ?

You can use the search at the top as well.

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ah cheers, thank you

would you also happen to know, where I can color the font and not just the backround etc… I just searched through everything…

like I did this, but it doesn’t work

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