Item in the Community plugins window is loaded multiple times

Steps to reproduce

  • Open Obsidian;
  • Turn off safe mode in Settings > Third-Party Plugins;
  • Browse the Community Plugins;
  • Double-click (or multiple clicks) one of the item in quick succession.

Expected result

The item is displayed correctly.

Actual result

The item is loaded several times (depends on how many times the item is clicked).

This behaviour is not hindering any actions because you can easily click the other plugin and go back to the desired one, and the page is loaded correctly.


Operating system: macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 (20B29)
Obsidian version: v0.9.15

I haven’t been able to repro this.

Hi @WhiteNoise, I made a loom recording in regards to this bug:

I click once on Sliding Panes item, and twice (as quick as I can) on Note Refactor. I think it can be easily reproduced while using a slow internet connection (or emulate slow internet by using throttling option in dev tools).

Edit: grammar ._.

does this happen with default css?

I think you are right in on the slow connection

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Will be fixed in v0.10