Italic of one star


I only type one star, but the words after all get to italic, i just want to type (*this). it’s in live preview mode.

Because the arterisk is syntax for italic and bold, you have to escape it so that it isn’t registered as such syntax. You can do this with a \.
Try \*this and this 和 ???.


use *not a comfortable way.

Another option is using the asterisk operator (U+2217). It will appear as an asterisk but won’t be parsed as markdown →

∗this and this 知 ???

I keep a .md file of random symbols like this. If you use it a lot, you could use some type of text expander or Templater to insert it.

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Might I ask for the context of *this, is that the explanation of programming language syntax, or something similar?

If that is the case, it could be worth considering to use *this to show it is code, and to avoid the issue with the italic. That is to type `*this`.

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