It is suggested to enhance the editing ability of [[keyword]] format




At present, pressing [key twice after selecting the text will add [[]] symbols at both ends of the text.

It is recommended to enhance more relevant editing functions:

  1. When selecting a single line of text with [[]] paired symbols, press [or a shortcut key to delete the brackets.

  2. Select multiple lines of text and select all automatically

(1) Extract the key words with [[]] pairs of symbols in the text, and store the key words in the key word library of the [library] project.

(2) Add [[]] symbols to all keywords matching the key Thesaurus

(3) When the key words matching the key vocabulary appear more than once, only [[]] symbols are added to the first words (optimized display)

  1. If multiple lines of text are selected, but each line of text is relatively short, such as multiple lines of person name and place name, all of them are regarded as keywords, and the [[]] symbol is added automatically.

You want to set shortcut keys for the above editing functions, left-hand keyboard, and right-hand mouse selection operation.

Please refer to the video presentation on the following pages:

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I suggest changing the title to English, otherwise I doubt anyone would open it since it’s not obvious the post contains translation.

I can’t imagine this being in the core app, but it sounds like a very cool plugin idea.

My English level is not high, I can only speak Chinese. i 'm sorry.

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cool. thing be convenient.