Issues with uploaded Images as admonition icons

Hello, Obsidian community,

I am having issues uploading custom svg images as admonition icons
Admonitions are large part of the creation of my notes. In light of recent updates, however, I have found that I am unable to upload custom images as admonition icons. Why this is I am not sure.

Intrestingly, I have found that older previously saved icons work, however, if I try to modify or save them, I get an invalid icon name as an error, as shown below

Things I have tried

I have looked through the documentation but have not been able to find anything pertaining to this issue or how it is that icons are saved.

I have tried the the traditional way of adding a custom icon by pressing Settings>Admonition>Add new>Admonition icon and then choosing an image. The problem arises when I try to save it. I always get an error, “Icon cannot be empty” however when I try to enter a name, it always says invalid icon name as shown in the image. It works find with font awesome icons, however.

I have tried going into the custom css snippet and changing modifying the new icon “bingbot” the the previously saved “chatGPT” image data but it does not work. Here is the CSS for the above snippet, which is enabled, yet, the new bing logo is still overwritten by the ad-ad logo.

Unsure of what to do. Any ideas?

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