Issues with remote vault

For some reason sync stopped working and was turned off on all my devices, when I tried to connect to the remote vault it asked for a password, when I started using obsidian I was also trying many other apps so I forgot it, but I have access to the last version of the synced vault on my two devices. Is it safe to just delete the remote vault? It says my local vault will remain intact. Could I do this and then set up sync with my local vault again? Thanks in advance and sorry if the answer is obvious, I’m an not an advanced user.

Yes, that will work. But to be extra overly safe, you might as well save a backup of your local vault before doing it.

And just in case this helps, keep in mind that each remote vault password is totally separate from your Obsidian login, and totally separate from the forum password. So if you were trying any of those, that might be the problem.

Thank you for the quick reply and the safety tip, have a nice day! I know about the separate passwords, I guess I just wasn’t careful with it but learned the lesson, so I’ll start using a password manager.

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