Issues when editing checklists on Android

Steps to reproduce

It breaks in several ways and it would take too much time to create separate tickets.
Here’s a 2min 30sec video where I break it in 3 ways.

  1. If you indent a checklist item and move to cursor to another line, the indented line remains in markdown mode, I should see a checkbox, can’t toggle the checkbox when it’s in markdown mode by clicking on it and adding the x inside it is annoying on the phone.
  2. When you have indented checkboxes, you can place the cursor inside or in front of the checkbox so that the checkbox remains visible. It should show markdown for the checkbox instead.
  3. Sometimes pressing backspace on the virtual keyboard while you’re in front of a checkbox will break everything. This happens consistently when you’re in front of a nested checkbox, but if I recall correctly, it can also happen for first-level checklist items.
    When you break the app like this, you can’t use the editor properly anymore.
    1. It’s hard to place the cursor, because the cursor will not appear where you tap
    2. Sometimes it’s not possible to select text anymore
    3. In worst cases, parts of the list get duplicated when you try to delete something

Expected result

  • Bugs begone!

Actual result

  • Bugs


  • Operating system: Android 13
  • Debug info: Version 1.4.0 (80)
    • No snippets
    • No community plugins
    • Theme: Default

Additional information

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