Issue with using Obsidian and syncthing on multiple device

so i have like 4 device(3 desktop and 1 smartphone). all of them is installed a syncthing and its running. so when I went and edited a file on one computer running windows using obsidian it created like 3 conflict file.
the other device doesnt have any user on it actively editing nor do they have obsidian running

desktop: obsidian 0.15.9
all 4 device use syncthing 1.20.3

anyone know about this?

I had a similar problem using Folder Sync app on the android, have moved to DropSync and the problem seems to have gone away. I suggest you could try it - in the free mode it allows a single folder pair sync.

I do realise that my answer may not be what you are looking for, considering that DropSync syncs back via Dropbox, but the essence of my suggestion is to try a different sync app, if that makes sense.

I’ve had this problem on other files being sync’ed. Quite often the issue is the file name . You might have changed the name and had upper / lower character conflicts or characters that aren’t supported.

I’ve been using Remotely save to Dropbox and with 3 users, seems to be ok.

nope i didnt change anything in filename

@ens @shafeeq
i dont really trust dropbox or anything

anyone can help me with my issue

Would it help if Remotely save allows you to put in an openssl encryption? Totally understand though if you don’t trust that too.

my issue isnt encryption but with syncing the files on multiple device real time. im already using syncthing without any encryption

I’ve seen some problems with SyncThing as well:

  1. While editing, a popup in Obsidian saying that it is merging changes
  2. Conflict versions of notes being created

I have the “Update time on edit” plugin installed, and I think that is at least partially responsible. I haven’t looked at the implementation of the plugin, but it could be that it detects synchronization as an edit, updates the metadata, causing another sync.

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